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Nature's Sunshine Herbal Supplements
Benefits of Live       
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• Learn how to feel          
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
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• Learn what your         
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• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional     

Note:  Our main focus is to support the body with whole foods free of chemicals,
choices.  Although we discuss Nature's Sunshine products below, we support any
company that creates herbal or whole food based supplements.  We do not
promote or support synthetic supplements.

Why are herbs essential to one’s health?

Our body is designed to absorb nutrients from whole foods. Herbs come from
plants which are considered to be a form of whole food. Vitamins and minerals
are better assimilated into our bodies through plants and whole foods because we
have evolved in such a way that our bodies recognize and assimilate nutrients
when they are more bio-available as in the plant matrix. For example, there are
enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in plants and herbs that help the
absorption of other vitamins and minerals. Every nutrient in our body requires a
chemical reaction with other nutrients in order for our body to be able to
assimilate, absorb or metabolize it. This is why a varied and balanced diet is
essential. The more variety we have in our diet, the more types of chemical
reactions that occur which allows more nutrient assimilation.

Herbs also contain many nutrients that may have varied healing qualities.

The use of herbs to treat “dis-ease”

While most sources of information about herbs speak to the historical or
traditional use of herbs for particular ailments, this line of thinking is actually
misleading. That’s because:

    “[P]lants don't really treat diseases. In fact, they really don’t correlate very
    well with treating diseases at all.

    What they do correlate with is restoring balance to the biological terrain, or
    internal environment of the body. Basically, all of the cells in our body live
    in an ocean of lymphatic fluid, and research has shown that as long as this
    fluid that the cells live in is kept in proper balance and at the right
    temperature, and is regulated correctly, the cells of our body will continue
    to live and reproduce indefinitely with perfect health.

    It’s only when this internal terrain of the fluid surrounding our cells
    becomes upset that we actually get sick, because the cells no longer have
    the proper environment to help them be healthy. So the best way to
    understand herbs is to understand how they re-balance the body when the
    internal or biological terrain is out of balance.”

    Past President, American Herbalist Guild
    From a lecture: “Understanding Nature's Pharmacy:
    Mastering the Unique Properties of Herbs” (2009)

What causes our food to be nutritionally deficient?

• Most food consumed is lacking in essential minerals due to the use of       
fertilizers and pesticides which destroy the bacteria in the soil that bring minerals
into the plants.

• Processed food is stripped of its essential nutrients therefore we get no health
benefit from eating it.

What causes us to be nutritionally deficient?

• Many chemicals, including pesticides and heavy metals, block receptor sites
where nutrients normally get absorbed into the cells.

• Many animal foods contain antibiotics or hormones (or both) which cause the
prevention of absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in our bodies.

• Various medications prevent absorption or cause excretion of essential nutrients
from our bodies.

How can Herbs help us?

Herbs have many properties that help to keep our bodies in top function:

• Each classification of herb is attracted to certain body tissues. This is why
different types of herbs help to heal specific body systems or organs. They tend
to balance things out rather than “attacking” a specific symptom.

• Herbs can help with detoxification because they have molecules that bind onto
chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our body.

Learn more about how to become a
Herb Specialist

Why do we sell Nature’s Sunshine products?

Nature’s Sunshine is an herbal based supplementation company. Their products
are of the highest quality. Their herbal based formulas have great synergistic
phytonutrients that are geared to balance specific body systems.  Click
here to
read the
ABC + D Approach to Health to understand why we focus on building
up specific body systems in order to get a person's health back in balance.

We prefer to use these supplements because of their high quality. Click
here to
read about Nature’s Sunshine’s Quality Assurance. You can also read about the
company’s service quality by clicking

Nature's Sunshine is registered with
NSF International for Good Manufacturing
Practices.  NSF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is a leading
third-party auditor of companies dealing in the health and public safety sectors.  It
is widely recognized for it's scientific and technical expertise in health and
environmental sciences. NSF is acknowledged for it's value in international trade
around the world and is respected by regulatory agencies at all levels of
government.  The
Good Manufacturing Practices registration provides consumers
with confidence about the identity, quality, strength, purity and composition of
products sold with it's logo.

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