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Structural System


  • The structural system gives shape to the body and permit movement.  It is
    made up of bones, muscles, skin, membranes and connective tissue.  
  • This system may be considered to have two large groups, each with
    different function:
  • Muscles and Bones
    The muscle system is responsible for all muscles of each organ and
    movement of the body.  Bones move the body when a muscle
  • Skin and membranes
    The skin is the external covering of the body while the membranes
    line the interior passages and surround the organs.
  • Problems in this system are usually the result of issues in the body as a
    whole.  When problems with a component of the structural system occur,
    the function of digestion, elimination, circulation, liver, kidneys, lymphatics
    and general nutrition should be investigated.
  • Generally,  structural issues involve joint mobility, bone health, muscle
    strength and posture

Lifestyle Suggestions to support the Structural System:

  • Eat regular, healthy, balanced meals
  • Minimize high purine foods
  • Minimize foods that are members of the Nightshade group such as potatoes,
    tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, etc. Note that the effect of these foods on
    bones and joints will be greater if the food is not compatible with your
    Blood Type.
  • Avoid sodas, especially colas, and caffeinated beverages
  • Take a quality bone supplement such as Herbal CA
  • Engage in weight bearing exercises such as walking regularly
  • Do breathing exercises and/or Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Chew fibrous fruits and vegetables for strong teeth
  • Oral hygiene such as flossing and regular visits to your dentist
  • See your chiropractor regularly for maintenance adjustments

Nature’s Sunshine Key Products:

The key products for the structural system are SynerPro Calcium Magnesium,
Energ-V and HSN-W.

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